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Can A Poor Diet Cause Back Pain?

We all know that diet and exercise is very important, but did you know that a poor diet can cause back pain? This is due in part to high acidic foods that can cause inflammation in your body. We’ll break down how important a well balanced diet is to your overall health, and what you can do for back pain.

Harmful Bad Habits

The older we get the more we discover how certain habits from our youth have negatively impacted us. This can include the types of foods that we decided to eat. However, it turns out that mother was right - we should have eaten our vegetables! A poor diet often is the result of high acidic food consumption such as sodas, highly processed foods, and high sodium. This can lead to numerous health issues including weight gain.

One lesser known problem a poor diet can produce is back pain. The consumption of unhealthy food has been linked to inflammation. Although some back pain may be caused by abnormal stress or a strain on the back muscles; most back pain is often the result of an unhealthy diet. While it’s always a good idea to improve your diet, some back pain just needs time to heal, while others involve making drastic changes.

Poor Diet

The results from a poor diet and an inactive lifestyle can result in muscle inflammation. It’s not uncommon to feel back pain from inflammation in your muscles. However, this type of pain is often mistaken with pain from an injury. Although back pain from a poor diet may feel the same, treating this type of pain as you would an injury may not bring any pain relief. The key is getting down to the root of the issue, your diet!

When you begin to eat healthier foods you can start to feel results in your back, and experience a difference in your weight. Any type of weight loss can start to produce less stress on your spine. This often results in your back muscles having to support less weight and less usage. Aside from eating healthier foods, becoming more active can also be beneficial. Just be sure to not to overdue it otherwise you can cause injury.


If you’ve changed your diet, lost weight, but you’re still experiencing back pain, it might be time to visit a Chiropractor. Although your pain might have been the result from an injury, an unhealthy diet might have been making it worse. It is good to change up your lifestyle to improve your health, but the key to recovery is getting down to the root. Questions to ask is have you been injured recently? Do you sleep on an old mattress? Do you have bad posture? Etc.

Determining what is causing your back pain is very important. It might not be because of your diet, or it might not be because of an injury. So, visiting a Chiropractor can help you figure out what is going on in your body. A Chiropractor can help your back heal, and improve your overall mobility. Also, if you have trouble sleeping because of pain in your body, you’re able to see positive results.


It’s always a good idea to eat healthy and be healthy. This is because the foods that we eat can impact the pain that you feel in your back. Back pain can be caused by inflammation, a previous injury, or something else. In order to figure out what is causing your pain we recommend visiting a Chiropractor in order to help determine the cause.

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