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Can Getting Your Back Adjusted Make You Lose Weight?

By now you’ve probably heard how back adjustments can help you with a number of ailments. However, you might have wondered if getting your back adjusted makes you lose weight. Although back adjustments can help you in a number of ways, here is what you need to know about back adjustments and weight loss.

What Happens When You Get Your Back Adjusted?

When a person gets a back adjustment it creates a change and stimulates the joints and disc. When the joints are moved in a certain way it can alleviate the pain receptors in your body. This is known as spinal manipulation or spinal adjustment. However, a Chiropractor offers more than just a back adjustment, they can recommend different therapeutic approaches in order to target specific pain; of which includes weight loss.

Weight Loss

Getting your back adjusted alone won't automatically make you lose weight. However, what it can do is help you become more mobile. This can encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle as some choose to no longer exercise due to past injuries. Also, if you’re no longer experiencing pain like before, and are more active, you’re less likely to stress eat. In other words, a back adjustment can have a domino effect on your health that leads you to make better choices.

What a Chiropractor does is help you take control of your life. Many patients often feel limited by the pain that they feel in their body. This can lead a patient to make excuses for why they are not able to do certain things including lose weight. Deciding to finally deal with pain in your body is a step in the right direction.

Reducing Stress

One of the other lesser known benefits of visiting a Chiropractor is stress reduction. This includes both physical stress and mental stress. When you get your back adjusted it can relieve the tension in the muscles, along with joint pain. However, when your body is under physical stress it can look for different outlets in order to feel some sort of pleasure. This can lead to making unhealthy decisions in order to get distracted away from the pain.

What mental stress can often do is tighten certain muscles and give you headaches. Although a back adjustment can help you relieve certain issues, targeting the root of the stress is the key. Being overweight can cause you to become stressed, due to social pressures to look a certain way, or feeling limited in activities. The freedom of moving without pain can work wonders for your mental health; however, deciding to lose weight has to be your personal choice, as a Chiropractor can only point you in the right direction.

How Weight Affects The Joints

As mentioned before, the key is to target the issues that are causing either the stress or the pain. Although a back adjustment can help you treat the pain, oftentimes the root cause of the pain can be caused by being overweight. This is because the more weight that your body has to support the more it tends to take a toll on the joints in the knees, back, and elsewhere. Any amount of weight loss can help ease the stress on your joints and help you become more mobile.

Visiting a Chiropractor is beneficial because your body might be struggling to keep up with your weight gain. So, a Chiropractor can help align your body and restore your movement so that you can experience less pain. Through a controlled, sudden force to a spinal joint, it can improve your spinal motion and your body's physical function.

Final Thought

While a back adjustment doesn’t automatically cause you to lose weight, it does promote you to get healthier. Also, it encourages weight loss because it makes you more mobile, and can reduce both physical and mental stress. Weight gain affects your joints, muscles, and more; but, weight loss helps alleviate the stress on your joints. However, it all begins with a decision to start dealing with your back and joint pans. Schedule your back adjustment today!

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