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Are Back Injuries Reversible?

If you’ve ever experienced back pain you’ve probably wondered if your back injury is permanent. Although back pain can include a wide range of issues including a herniated disc, a spinal disorder, arthritis, etc. Here is what you need to know about back injuries.

What Causes Back Injury?

Common back injuries can occur from constantly lifting heavy objects, or a sudden movement that injures your spinal ligaments and back muscles. This can happen at work, from playing sports, or doing chores around the house. These strains on your back can cause you a lot of discomfort because the ligaments around your back can become inflamed.

However, these types of back injuries can usually be treated at home or by visiting a Chiropractor. The first step would be to identify what caused the injury in the first place. Stretching and strengthening your back can not only help alleviate the pain, but also help prevent future strains. Additionally, a trip to the Chiropractor can help speed up the healing process and get you back to normal.

Permanent or Temporarily?

What a trip the Chiropractor can help answer is if the back injury you have is temporary or permanent. When a back injury is permanent it can cause a person to become disabled. For example, according to NOLO a herniated disc that lasts longer than a year can qualify someone for disability. However, you would need to be examined by a professional then apply for disability with the Social Security Administration.

On the contrary, a herniated disc that can be treated can be considered a temporary issue. Although the discomfort might be intense, taking necessary precautions can help you recover. Also, in some cases surgery might be required for a herniated disc. You always want to follow the direction of your doctor, but getting a second opinion is always good. Furthermore, getting the opinion from a Chiropractor can be beneficial.

Spinal Disorders

The vertebrae has 26 bones which protect and support the spinal cord and nerves. There are various injuries and conditions that can affect a person's mobility and cause pain. Certain risk factors can include a person's weight, posture, and lifestyle choices such as smoking or nutritional intake. However, in most cases non-surgical options are available for certain spinal disorders.

The options can include changing one's lifestyle, or visiting a professional such a Chiropractor or an Acupuncture Specialist. The longer you hold off on treatment the longer it can take to recover. This is because the condition will continue to get worse; if you don’t know what is causing you the pain, chances are you’ll keep repeating the movement until the pain becomes unbearable. The best thing you can do is get treated right away in hopes to catch the issue early.

Final Thought

Although most back pain can heal on its own, you will still want to get it taken look at. Discovering the root cause of back injuries can not only prevent future injuries, but early detection can help prevent it from becoming something serious. Some back injuries may not be reversible, but the goal for some injuries is to catch it ahead of time in order to prevent the need for surgery in the future. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’re experiencing some back pain.

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