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Can Losing Belly Fat Help Back Pain?

With weight gain comes many health complications. This can lead to other issues in the body that are directly related. However, losing belly fat can indeed help back pain, especially in the lower back. Belly fat actually causes the lower back to slant forward therefore putting strain on the lower back; but losing the weight can result in partial or complete back pain ease.

Back Problems From Belly Fat

Excessive weight in your abdomen (belly fat) pulls the natural curve in your spine out of alignment. This is what results in lower back pain and also other pain in the body as a result from a misaligned back.

In addition, the extra weight can lead to an increase in disc pressure in your lower back. In other words, belly fat causes a lot of stress in your lower back that can result in secondary pain in your knees and feet.

It is important to lose belly fat for this reason and many more. Your New Year’s resolution might be to lose weight and that’s great! This is because losing weight has other benefits like helping you not contracting type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and other conditions.


What most chiropractors specialize in is preventing back pain from becoming severe. Aside from getting your back into alignment, a good chiropractor would recommend lifestyle changes.

This can include going on more walks, stretching, and changing up your diet. Also, living a healthier lifestyle in order to get better results from your adjustments. A common theme you’ll find regardless of wherever you go is helping you get back to 100%. However, the most effective way to get you back to living a normal life is helping you identify what normal looks like.

In our busy lives we tend to put our health on our to-do list instead of making it a priority. It’s not until something breaks down that we want to start making changes. Therefore, prevention is something a chiropractor is good at, aside from adjusting you once things start to break down.

How To Lose The Belly Fat

The first thing you have to find out is what causes belly fat. The three major factors that cause belly fat include lack of exercise, a poor diet, and stress. Therefore, the solution to losing belly fat includes getting active, eating better, and practicing self-care.

Lifestyle Changes

It’s pretty common for a person to start gaining weight around the abdomen area, but it’s not normal. It may sound harsh because we’re all trying our best in one way or another. However, the solution to losing belly fat is changing up your lifestyle. This includes changing up small habits - for example - if you love eating a pastry and a cup of milk before bed, modify it. Eat half the bread and substitute for fat free milk or another alternative.

By taking small steps you’re able to improve your quality of life - as many people discover that dieting doesn’t work. This is because it has to be a lifestyle change, not just something that you’re doing temporarily. It’s not to say that certain diets that promote you to eat better don’t work, it’s the mentality that it’s only temporary that doesn’t work.

Scheduling an Adjustment

Another way to help promote weight loss is scheduling a regular adjustment. This is a great way to help you stay active if the reason why you’re not working out is because of pain in your body. We often go on living with unnecessary pain in our bodies.

This could be due to lack of time or other factors. However, the issue is only going to get worse if left untreated. Therefore, it’s a good idea to take the time and schedule regular adjustments especially if you’re a person who struggles with pain in your body.

Final Thought

It can be difficult to manage the pain in your back especially if it’s because of your weight. Also, it’s not an easy task getting rid of belly fat. However, the rewards outweigh the sacrifices which include back pain relief, and being healthy. With a little hard work and some lifestyle changes you are able to lose the belly fat and live without lower back pain.

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