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Common Questions for Chiropractors

We get many questions about what a Chiropractic adjustment can help with. Although there is a lot of helpful information on the internet, a lot of it is not true or might not necessarily apply to your condition. We found some questions that we feel will benefit you, and help you better understand what a Chiropractor does, and debunk some common myths.

Note: Questions are from Reddit

Will Cracking my back make me fail a drug test?

The reason why someone would ask if you can fail a drug test by getting your back adjusted is because of toxins. One of the positive effects from getting an adjustment is the release of toxins. However, this doesn’t happen to everyone, but it is possible to release toxins from a back adjustment. When you clear the blockage from your spine to your brain, that pressure can be released and cause some temporary discomfort; however, it’s only temporary and can leave you feeling better shortly after.

If you do experience the release of toxins it shouldn’t cause you to fail a drug test. This is because THC is stored in fat cells according to an article by Healthline. Also, most drugs get absorbed in your fat cells and not necessarily in the spine. However, drugs like Marijuana can have a temporary impact on spinal pain, short term. For long term pain relief we recommend visiting a Chiropractor.

Pain and Limited Mobility

This is one of the most common issues that we treat in our office. There are several reasons why a person can all of a sudden experience pain and limited mobility. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a sudden injury such as lifting a heavy object. In the case of this person they were leaving class when they suddenly started to experience a sharp pain. Although it seems random, it could be possible that there were signs prior to the sharp pain, and the limited head mobility.

The key is prevention, so visiting a Chiropractor before a small issue becomes big is very important. However, if it suddenly becomes an issue that you can no longer ignore then it’s time to finally address the problem. A Chiropractor can not only help you improve your mobility, but also help you prevent future injuries. We understand painkillers like over-the-counter medicine or Marijuana can alleviate the problem, but they are only temporary solutions for a long term problem.

Stiff Painful Neck

This question is very similar to the one asked by the person who was experiencing pain and limited mobility. However, it appears that this issue might have been from more long term issues due to the words - wear and tear - that this person used. Does this person sound like you? We get a lot of patients who don’t know if the pain they have is treatable. So, they live with the pain instead of scheduling an appointment.

A spinal misalignment can cause joint pain that decreases mobility. The solution would be for a chiropractic alignment in order to help prevent flare-ups. Also, joint mobility allows you to move without it feeling painful. A mistake that you will want to avoid is only going once to a Chiropractor and thinking that’s it. There are years of wear and tear that will need to be worked on, so only going once can alleviate some pain, but the chances of the pain returning are high.


A back alignment is not necessarily a one stop fix all procedure. Although there are some issues that might be beyond repair, it is possible to treat the majority of them. Visiting a Chiropractor will not only leave you feeling better, but can also help manage future issues. If you have any questions that you need answered please schedule an appointment in order to help better answer your questions.

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