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Lower Back Pain Relief for Pregnant Women

One of the major issues that women tend to experience during their pregnancy is lower back pain. It can begin to occur within the 5th or 7th month of the pregnancy; however, it’s not uncommon for lower back pain to start after the 12th week. Here are some tips on how to deal with lower back pain for women who are pregnant.

Causes of Lower Back Pain

The first thing you’ll want to do is find out what is causing your lower back pain. Although the obvious answer is because you’re pregnant, certain things that you could be doing may be causing you even more pain. You may find yourself having to sit for longer periods of time because you get tired more easily. Also, bad posture or stress can be a major factor as well.

Some things you have no control over, like the fact that your center of gravity is changing. As your uterus and baby is growing, your center of gravity is shifting in order to help balance you out. Also, additional weight gain can also contribute to your lower back pain. In addition, the stress that your body is going through because of physical changes in your body is another aspect to consider.

Holistic Solutions for Lower Back Pain

Since certain pain medicines are usually not suitable for pregnant women; you’re able to take the holistic approach in order to help alleviate your lower back pain. This can include doing certain exercises, visiting a chiropractor, and other self-care solutions.

Exercising While Pregnant

Although you are only able to do only a limited amount of exercises while pregnant, there are certain stretches, and light movements that you are able to do. An important rule to keep in mind is to keep your exercise light, and never to the point of exhaustion. Therefore, exercises like Yoga, walking, or even swimming are ideal to keep you active. Also, stretches for your lower back are a great way to help alleviate pain.

Visiting A Chiropractor

It’s not very publicized but visiting a chiropractor during your pregnancy can make the child birthing process a lot better. What an experienced Chiropractor does is help identify where the issues are in the lower back, and recommends certain treatments accordingly. This is to help prevent further strains on the lower back. However, it’s very common for some pregnant women to already have lower back problems before the pregnancy even started.

Self Care

When you’re discovering Holistic approaches to pain relief you’ll often notice that it includes mental health relief as well. So, self care is very important to your mental state both when you’re pregnant and not pregnant. We recommend getting a massage, but be sure to wait until after your first trimester. Also, look for a masseuse who is experienced in prenatal massages. Another self care tip is taking warm baths, and to think happy thoughts. A positive mind can help reinforce certain approaches that you’re doing to help alleviate pain.


Being pregnant can be a difficult time because your body is going through a lot of changes. Some of those changes can include weight gain, and sudden lower back pain. However, there are some Holistic approaches for your lower back pain which includes exercise, visiting a Chiropractor, and practicing self-care. The most important thing to do while you’re pregnant and experiencing pain is keeping a positive mind, and that everything is going to be ok.

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