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The Effects of Stress on the Body

The thing about stress is that it affects everyone differently in strange ways. Stress can not only cause mental problems, but physical problems as well. This often results in real back pain due to muscle tension brought on by stress and anxiety. Here are some tips on what to do to minimize those issues, along with other holistic remedies you can try.

Stress Related Back Problems

When the body is under stress it tends to start to shut down or go into survival mode. You may not realize it but stress can cause your body to start forming bad habits such as slouching. Although stress itself can’t physically cause you back problems, it's what stress brings on that often results in back problems.


The way you sit is very important because bad posture such as slouching can bring stress on certain muscles, spinal joints, and disc. When you’re under stress you tend to not pay attention to the way you sit. Although this issue might not bring you immediate pain, over time you start to develop this habit which can cause several issues down the line.

Slouching is the perfect example of how stress can lead to indirect back pain. The solution to correct this habit is when you’re walking try to keep your head up. You may have heard of the saying “keep your head up” or have been told this when you were feeling down. It’s not just a popular saying to try and help you emotionally, but it can also help you physically.

When we’re feeling down and stressed we often don’t want to face the world so we walk with our head down. Keeping your head up not only does wonders for your mental health but can be beneficial for your back.

Also, if you sit for long periods of time be sure to take a break from time to time and get up to stretch. This can help you correct your posture and make sure you’re getting a good mental break as well. A popular formula for taking breaks is called the Pomodoro technique which involves 4 - 25 minute work cycles with 5 minute breaks in between each work cycle.

Lack of Energy

A person under a lot of stress typically doesn’t have the energy for self-care. This often results in not taking the time to be active which can trigger some back problems. Again, this is another secondary issue how stress can lead to back problems.

It’s not to say that stress itself will leave you drained, but we usually get stressed out the most when we haven’t had time to be active. This can include not stretching, sitting or laying down for long periods of time, and unhealthy eating.

Altogether stress can cause a lot of secondary issues in your body that will lead to feeling you feeling pain. We often think it’s because we’re getting older so our body starts to slow. Although this is partial true, the older you get the more responsibilities you tend to take on which can lead to stress.

The solution here is something that you’ve probably heard before: get a good night's rest, eat healthy, and take a walk. As simple as it sounds, making small changes to your daily routine can help you both mentally and physically.

Holistic Solutions

A holistic approach to pain means that you’re deciding to treat your issues at the core - which is often a mental problem. Instead of getting treated directly through medicine or surgery, you’re deciding to take a more natural approach such as self-care, or visiting a Chiropractor

Self Care

We can’t stress how important self-care is especially the older you get. In this hustle culture we’re often told to work with no breaks. However, research has shown that we are most productive when we take breaks and are fully rested. Taking the time to breathe and refocus yourself is very important.

We understand that we all have deadlines and it doesn’t seem like there’s enough hours in the day. Making small changes to your routine can make a whole world of difference. If you don’t have the time to do an hour workout you can take it 5 minutes at a time. Also, taking the time to walk and enjoy nature can be very beneficial.

The point is self-care doesn’t necessarily mean going to the Spa or going on washing your face in the morning. Self-care means that you’re putting your health as a priority by making small changes to improve your overall well being. This can include finally deciding to deal with your back pain by scheduling an appointment at a Chiropractor.

Visiting A Chiropractor

In order to better determine the cause of your back pain we recommend visiting a Chiropractor. A Chiropractor can help you better identify the cause of your back pain, along with some recommendations on how to relieve stress. The key is to target the stress before it becomes pain and before it becomes a problem.

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