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What Is A Chiropractic Adjustment?

An adjustment is a procedure that a Chiropractor does to apply a controlled, sudden force to a spinal joint. The goal is to improve your spinal motion and your body's physical function. We perform Chiropractic Adjustments in our office - no appointment necessary. We get a lot of questions about this procedure so we decided to explain in more detail about what a Chiropractic Adjustment is and how it's beneficial.

What Does A Chiropractic Adjustment Help With?

One of the questions we asked about frequently is what does Chiropractic Adjustment help with? In short, it can deal with a number of issues but a main issue is lower back pain. Also, it can help with neck pain, and headaches. Although you can start experiencing relief after the first Chiropractic Adjustment it's best to continue getting these Adjustments; this is to help prevent future discomfort.

Other benefits of getting a Chiropractic Adjustment is the advice you receive afterwards. It's very easy to do research on the internet and get a very vague response. When you visit us at our location you are getting expert advice on how to treat your very specific condition. We encourage you to do your research but it's always best to seek a professional Chiropractor for best results.

How Often Should I Get An Adjustment?

In order for an adjustment to be effective we recommend following the program plan recommended by your chiropractor. The goal is to reduce pain and restore your functionality as soon as possible. Also, following through on your regimen prescribed by your chiropractor is equally important. This can determine how quickly you are able to go back to feeling normal again.

Program plans recommended by your chiropractor can vary between 2 to 4 weeks and up to 3 times a week. This of course is determined by your situation. After your first adjustment you might start to feel back to normal but it's still good to continue until you feel better. Once you start to recover there will be things recommended to help you prevent from having the same problems.

Schedule A Chiropractic Adjustment

An appointment is not necessary but they are encouraged. This way we can make time for you to get looked at right away. This is perfect to avoid having to sit and wait for long periods of time. You are able to schedule an appointment on our contact us page or you can call (310) 259-7748. We look forward to hearing from you!

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