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What To Expect On You First Chiropractic Exam

So you go online to look for a Chiropractor that's close to your home and affordable. You happen to run into our website and decide to walk into our offices but you don't know what to expect for your first Chiropractic exam. You might be nervous because chances are you've never had a reason to visit a Chiropractor before. There is no need to worry because we get a lot of people just like you that are first time patience. We want to help put your nerves at ease by explaining to you what to expect on your first Chiropractic exam.

You don't need to have an appointment but it helps. We accept walk in's but having an appointment is helpful to ensure you get attended right away. Once you show up to your appointment we will then find out what brings you into our office. Most common visits include back pains, neck pains, or something just ain't working right. Not to worry, we will do some examinations to figure out what exactly is going on.

Once you have told us what brings you into our offices we then begin to target the issue. We first feel around to see if there is any damage, pain, or any other problem in specific areas of your body. Once we have identified the issue we then begin to treat the issue. One of the main concerns with our patience is if the procedure hurts, although you might feel some inconvenience our goal is for you to leave with less pain than what you came in with. The procedure is relatively quick and you might hear some bones be realigned but nothing to be concerned about. When the procedure is complete we then ask you how are you feeling and we always encourage our patience to be truthful. Now it's time to check you out and schedule a follow up to see how you are feeling.

After the procedure we like to give you some advice on what kind of home treatments or stretches that you can do to help prevent or treat future issues. It is encourage to schedule a follow up consolation in order to track your progress to see how your condition has improved post-treatment. It is good to keep an appointment with our offices in order to avoid future pains or inconvenience in your body. In addition, we want to help you stay informed on what else you can be doing in order to treat any future issues. This may include some lifestyle changes or just being more careful if your pain came by way of accident, which is a normal occurrence.

Stay up to date with the latest information about our offices or the chiropractic world in general. We have Facebook, Instagram pages, and a YouTube channel. You can also tell us about your experience on our Yelp account or our Google Business listing. Our main goal is to help you find relief whether it is by giving you an idea on what to expect, being affordable for your wallets sake, or helping you through your physical pain; we are here to help.

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