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Signs That Your Spine Is Misaligned

Having proper posture is important because it causes you to have less stress and fatigue on your body’s ligaments and muscles. We often get patiences who, after years of improper posture, are now experiencing all types of issues. This can include lower back pain, headaches, and other spinal issues. However, our job is to help you correct years of improper posture. Here are some signs that your spine is misaligned.

Signs of A Misaligned Spine

This is not a diagnosis that your spine is misaligned; however, these are tall tale signs that there are some issues that need to be dealt with.

The Heels On Your Shoes Wear Out Unevenly

When the heels on your shoes wear out unevenly the cause could be joint mobility or posture. However, other issues could involve flatten or high arches which is very common. Although the cause might be due to natural occurring issues in the body; proper posture and joint mobility could be corrected. If you find yourself in this situation a tip is to correct your posture or get a chiropractic alignment procedure. Fixing your posture is very important because you’re straining your back muscles by slouching; and improving joint mobility can produce very positive results.

Chronic Headaches

We have provided Chiropractic Tips For Headaches in a recent blog. However, chronic headaches can be a sign that your spine may be misaligned. Different types of headaches include tension, cervicogenic, and migraine. When you visit a chiropractor for chronic headaches they can assess, diagnose, and help you manage headaches. According to the National Institute of Health cervicogenic headaches can be treated through spinal manipulation. Cervicogenic headaches are from tension built in your neck and in the surrounding areas.

Lower Back Pain

Another common sign that a person has a misaligned spine is lower back pain. Also, a common cause for lower back pain is improper posture. When your spine is misaligned it causes you to strain your lower back muscles, causing them to work overtime. So, naturally you will experience soreness and discomfort from these muscles having to work overtime to keep your body upright. Aside from fixing your posture, another way to correct this issue is by visiting a chiropractor to get your spine aligned.

Knee Pain

If you are experiencing knee pain, a common cause is pelvic misalignment. However, a lesser known cause is a misaligned spine. As you grow older you’ll start to notice knee pain come and go, but did you know that is could be a sign of a misaligned spine? Not a lot of people do; what we forget is that nerves that detect sensation in the knee are linked to the lower spine. Therefore, an irritation in your lower back can cause dysfunction in how your muscles around your knee function. So, the source of your knee pain can be linked to your lower spine.

Mental Stress

Now, mental stress is not a sign of a misaligned spine but it can make it worse. This is due to having to deal with tension, aches, and discomfort that can drain your energy. Also, the feeling of lack of energy, or not being able to focus is not helping your mental health. Mental stress can cause your spine to misalign and weaken your nervous system. Your muscles respond to stress by tensing up, your spine is put under stress, which causes it to become misaligned; the misalignment is most commonly known as subluxations.

Treating a Misaligned Spine

These are only a couple of symptoms of a misaligned spine. Other signs can include numbness or tingling in the hands or feet, hip pain, and other types of issues. Just like your issues took time to develop so will the treatment. The first step is to Contact Us to set up an appointment, although we do accept walk-ins. Once you’re in our office we will begin treating your misaligned spine.

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